GraphQL Java Kickstart

Projects for easily getting started with GraphQL using Java. These projects depend on the graphql-java libraries as the actual GraphQL implementation.

We’re a very small team maintaining and contributing to these projects in our spare time. Anybody interested in helping out with anything, like implementing new features, fixing bugs, reviewing pull requests, or improving the documentation is very welcome!

When you run into a problem, or you’re wondering about how you need to do something with these libraries, make sure to check the resources below to try to find the answer.


This site contains the main documentation for all kickstart projects. Truth be told the documentation could be out of date and a lot of functionality has not been properly documented yet.

Also make sure to check out the GraphQL Java Documentation since these libraries depend on that one and it could very well be that it has been documented there.


Take a look at our samples repository which contains samples on how to do certain things, like using exception handler annotations to convert exceptions into GraphQL errors.


Use Github Discussions to get in contact with the community and maintainers. It has a great Q&A functionality, so whenever you can’t find the answers in the documentation or samples mentioned above this is the place to go.

Chances are somebody has asked the same question before and has an accepted answer that will help you out. If not it’s easy to ask a question there. Try to use the Discussions section of the relevant project: